Trollbeads are, quite simply, the original charm bead.

Tapping into the unique human spirit and creativity, Trollbeads began in Denmark in 1976, and were the very first charm beads anywhere in the world. By the late 90's this new and artistic jewellery started making waves in the UK.

Suited to bracelets and necklaces, the beads are beautifully crafted from different materials. Some are made from pearl, silver, gold, amber and precious stones. The most popular material is a stunning glass from Italy made using a technique called lampwork.

Trollbeads are the perfect gift. Being so unique and with each bead having a story to tell, you can create a very personal and significant present that is truly special. Whoever the lucky recipient, if there's a part of their personality that really shines through, you'll be able to emphasise it with Trollbeads. And once a person is started they can build their own collection to create jewellery to suit any mood or occasion.

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