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Ethical jewellery brand Chavin combines the spicy mythology, colours and craftsmanship of Peruvian culture with modern and free thinking design. Every single bohemian piece bought makes a difference to the Peruvian people, particularly mothers and children living where the products are crafted.

Founded in 2011, Chavin is passionate about providing jewellery that is not only luxurious, feminine and easy to wear but is also ethically produced. Each part of the process and every material has been carefully researched and selected based upon the ethical credentials without compromising finish or quality.

In addition, every time a piece of Chavin Jewellery is sold it donates money to communities in Peru, in partnership with SOS Children, the world's largest charity supporting orphans and abandoned children.

The brand is named after the Chavin (pronounced sha-veen), an ancient Peruvian civilization that developed highly skilled techniques in metallurgy producing refined precious metal work. Their rich and vibrant culture held the jaguar sacred as a symbol of strength.

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